Welcome to Falling into RP's page on character page creations. To create a character click here. All character pages should be made in the Char namespace by putting Char: before your characters name. Example for my character: Char:Justin Valentine.


All characters MUST be original characters of yours. Information may be based from whatever you want, but your character may have your own flair and shouldn't be able to easily mistake as another in text-based RP. Artwork of your character should be of your character and you should have permission to use it. Group photos are okay but try not to use art of other characters. Character pages should include a short biography of your character and a physical description, along with personality traits. It is against policy to use this information against this wikia's policy on metagaming.

Character DescriptionsEdit

Character descriptions should include:

  • Things like height and weight.
  • Species.
  • Relationship to other roleplayers.

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